Solo Using Backing Tracks

Dear Students,
I hope you’re enjoying Beginner Guitar Lessons Crash Course and learning lots about playing your guitar. I want to tell you about a really fun way to practice soloing your pentatonic scales by using backing tracks on places like youtube, etc. This didn’t exist when I was learning how to solo (you’re so lucky!) I had to record my own backing tracks in real time on a cassette recorder. You’re in for a treat – this really is fun.

Do a search on youtube of “backing track A minor” to solo in A minor. There will be many to choose from – most of them will work fine, just different kinds of music. People record & upload their own homemade backing tracks for people like us to listen to and solo over. This is great because the music will often have drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, and more – but no solo instrument. It’s your job to solo while listening to the music. It’s a fun job!

Search “backing track D major” or “backing track D minor.” Whatever key & major or minor you want to work on, plus you get to choose the type of backing music you want to jam to. Two things to avoid:
-Make sure there is no soloing in the music (some people can’t resist the urge to showoff and upload themslves soloing)
-Avoid the word “blues” in the backing track. (Minor blues is usually ok, but otherwise, blues in general, while it may sound simple, has a more complex soloing structure that we haven’t learned yet, so avoid it for now.)

We practice & play the guitar. We play the things that we’re good at, comfortable with, and have memorized. We practice the things that we’re not good at, not comfortable with, and haven’t memorized. It’s important to do both throughout the week, a little practice and a little playing. Backing tracks are great for playing and exploring the notes & scales.

I hope this makes sense. Also, thank you for your reviews of me and your support of me – I really appreciate it! It means more to me than you may know – thank you!

Talk with you more later,
-Dan (your guitar teacher)