Practice Habits

Dear Guitar Students,

I hope you are enjoying Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist.  I want to share a few thoughts on your practice habits to help you improve & have fun as quickly as possible.

-Play anything on the guitar for at least a few minutes every single day.  If you have a busy day, instead of skipping guitar time, just play for 3-5 minutes.  It’ll add up and keep the guitar fresh in your mind!

-Practice for an hour every day.  If you have time, this is the best idea!  As you know from our course, each section has 4 elements: RHYTHM, CHORDS, ARPEGGIOS, SCALES.  You should add a SONGS category to this lineup, including any songs that you like to work on.  Spend 10-15 minutes on each of these 5 categories, including a few minutes on the special lessons like TECHNIQUES, EAR TRAINING, READING MUSIC, etc.

-If you are mentally exhausted and don’t feel like thinking, you can just do a physical workout using the WARM UP EXERCISE using all four fingers on four frets at a time, going up & down the strings, alternating your picking.   You can even watch tv while you do this!  It’s a great guitar workout.

-PLAYING vs PRACTICING is important to understand.  Both are important, but they are different.  You practice the things that you aren’t good at yet.  You play things that you are comfortable with.  Playing is more fun usually, but practice increases the amount of stuff that we can play – for fun.

-Using backing tracks to solo.  People make backing tracks in their home recording studios and post them on youtube.  This is background music for people like us to solo over!  Using scales, modes, and arpeggios, we can have a fun & creative play/practice session improvising while listening to some cool backing music.  Search ‘backing track g major’ or ‘backing track a minor’ or ‘backing track d mixolydian’ to find music in the key & scale that you want to practice.  Try using the JAM ALONG videos in our course to get your feet wet with this concept.

Now, go practice (or play) your guitar!

-Dan (your guitar teacher)