Guitar Lessons

Dan Dresnok

(770) 356-5053


Hi, my name is Dan Dresnok.

I teach in-your-home guitar lessons in Dewey, Prescott Valley, & Mayer, AZ.

I also teach online Skype guitar lessons to people all over the country!

I’ve been a guitar teacher for over 26 years. I’ll teach you everything that I know.

I’ll teach you how to play all the chords, solos, & songs that you want!

I’ll teach you guitar & music theory!

I’m an expert in rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, folk, pop, and more!

My fees for guitar lessons are $30/hr or $120/month.  (*see FAQ)

Are you ready to seriously level-up your guitar skills?  It’s easy and fun!

I’m your guitar teacher! Call or text me now!

-Dan Dresnok

(770) 356-5053


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