Guitar Lessons

Dan Dresnok

Guitar Lessons in Prescott, Prescott Valley, & Dewey, AZ.

(770) 356-5053

Don’t hesitate – call or text me now!

1-hour lesson at your home in Prescott is $40.

1-hour lesson at your home in Prescott Valley or Dewey is $30.

I’ve been teaching guitar lessons for over 26 years. I’ll teach you everything that I know!

You’ll learn how to play all the chords, solos, & songs that you want! You’ll learn guitar & music theory!

Complete beginners are welcome!

Advanced players are welcome!

Acoustic or electric guitar!

Learn rock, blues, jazz, country, bluegrass, guitar theory, music theory, and more!

Are you ready to seriously level-up your guitar skills? It’s easy and you’ll have fun!

Call or text me now!

-Dan Dresnok

(770) 356-5053

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